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    QV Publisher Cluster

    Victor Bodnar

      Hi guys,


      I would need instructions for procedure and troubleshooting in setting up a Publisher Cluster.

      I have a distributed installation on 3 machines and now I want to add another Publisher so I can have 2.


      I would need if someone could help me on the steps of creating a Publisher Cluster.


      Thanks a lot.

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          Bill Britt



          To start what value do you have for



          If you don't have this setting in your LEF file with a number equal to the number of Distribution services you want to run it will not work.



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              Victor Bodnar

              Currently 1.

              We will purchase another Publisher License. so I guess we will have 2.


              our current setup is 1 qv server and 1 publisher so one complete installation running off of 3 machines.

              we are planning to add 1 more machine running a publisher to help with reloads for some applications.


              if i am explaining this wrong, please feel free to correct me.