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    Qliksense Desktop Installation



      We have Windows 7 - 64 bit installation and with our company policy any installation in Users\{user}\Documents\Qlik\Sense\Apps is being blocked by Group Policy.


      Does anyone know how we can install QlikSense Desktop in a different location ?


      The following link http://help.qlik.com/sense/en-US/online/index.html#../Subsystems/Desktop/Content/Introduction/InstallingDesktop.htm%3FTocPath%3DQlik%2520Sense%2520Desktop%7C_____1


      Mentions that we can get a portable version of QlikSense desktop - but from where?



      Thanks in advance.

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          Hi Lavanya,


          It will be not possible in the desktop version to change the folder for the installation setup files and the default storage for Qlik Sense app. The portable format is actually referring to the QVF files for the app where we allow users to copy app to and from the folder.


          You might want to speak to your IT to help with the installation, alternatively visit our demo site (Qlik Demos: See Qlik Sense in Action | Sense-Demo.Qlik.Com), you will be able to create your own visualizations, sheets, stories and duplicate and edit existing sheets within the Qlik Sense demo. See Creating Content on Qlik Sense Demo Site



          CK Tan

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            Alexander Korsikov

            you can install Qlik Sense Desktop in other PC then copy folder C:\Users\username \AppData\Local\Programs\Qlik\Sense\  in your PC to any convenient place

            an also you can change app folder in settings.ini add line. and don't foget add new line in end of file

            my file


            [Settings 7]











            all created application neede manual move in this folder.

            Just spend research, it is possible to completely move catalog documents\Qlik\Sense \

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                Hello Alex,


                I tried this but it doesn't seem to help


                I installed it in one folder in my PC and moved to to C:\qv\qpp and changed the settings.ini in



                Is there something am missing ?



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                    Alexander Korsikov

                    these are two different actions.

                    1. If you can not install the application. Then U  that can be copy folder with Sense aka portable app.

                    2. If you do not have permission to write to the directory app, you can reassign it a change in the ini file.


                    Note. I can't find way to change settings folder C:\Users\<UserName>\Documents\Qlik\Sense

                    I think it's harkcoded in exe.

                    Describe your problem in detail. the program starts? Is it possible to create an application in it?

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                  Hello Alex,

                  Looks like its a problem with our company group policy - what worked was as you mentioned copied the sense installation folder and then put in a specific path which was then excluded from our group policy.