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    Qlik appends '#' when .Clear() Javascript API function used. Bug?

    Janusz Twardziak

      Hello All,


      Let's say we have an application 'NoConnectionIssue.qvw' available via this URL:



      The app contains the extension object displaying one single link to invoke 'Clear All' function.

      It's achieved by the following Javascript code: Qv.GetCurrentDocument().Clear();

      Now, when I click this link for the first time Qlik appends the '#' sign to the original URL.

      So, in case of our example it will look like this:



      If I reload the app now (F5 or Ctrl+F5) I'd get the error message 'No Connection', which is correct since the URL is incorrect.


      I tried to find a similar post on community with no luck.


      I hope there is someone who had to deal with the issue before and knows how to fix it. If not then I shall raise it as a bug with QlikTech.


      Please, see attached files for the example files: NoConnectionIssue.qvw app, NoConnection.qar extension object.


      Many thanks in advance for your help.


      Janusz Twardziak