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    Sum Credit/Debit if matching condition met

    Jennie Elliott

      In this chart, I need to combine (calculate) for a net total if the number in the RMA/PO# column and the Vendor Inv column match. This is an accounts payable function. So on the same check number there in an invoice and a debit and I want to combine these two lines for a Pmt Amt that would equal $240.42 as the information from this chart is exported into the accounting software. This would eliminate repetitive tasks for the employee.


      How would I write an expression that would do this?setanalysis1.png


      Message was edited by: Jennie Elliott I have added an example of what my end results should be Attached is what I am trying to achieve: If RMA/PO# = Vendor Inv, then Sum for a Net Payment (Invoice - Credit). I need to combine these matching lines into one line if those numbers match. Do I script this or write an expression?