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    Unicode characters does not show in pivot table

    Salik Khan


      I developed a dashboard on qlikview server in which i used characters '▼' (Chr(9660)),'▲' (chr(9650)) and '■' (Chr(9632)) to present trends. While it worked just fine on server and all 64-bit machines, but there was a problem when i tried to open the dashboard through 'open is server' option or by directly opening the qvw locally.


      The problem was the characters would not appear, instead they were replaced by hollow squares '□'. To add to my frustration, i tried to copy the characters in expression instead of using the chr() function and i could actually paste them and see them in expression window. However, when i applied the changes, i could only see hollow squares.


      Moreover, i tried to display the characters in text object, and they appeared just fine!


      Would be very grateful if someone can help.