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    Qlik-Essbase connector hierarchy to display alias and member name

      Per the Qlik Essbase Connector 1.0 release notes: 'If a dimension has an alias, both the alias and dimension name are displayed in a hierarchy. If there is no alias, only the name is displayed.'  We have aliases maintained for our Custom 1,2,3 and 4 hierarchies in our Essbase application, however the connector is currently only displaying the member name.  Please advise if there are any settings or modifications to the script to include the alias in the hierarchy (below is a sample of the script generated to extract our Custom 2 / TA dimension, which is currently only displaying the member name):



      HIERARCHY([TA_Key], [TA_Parent_Key], [TA_Desc], [TA Parent Name], [TA_Desc], [Hierarchy TA], '/', 'TA Hierarchy depth')

      LOAD [TA_Key], [TA_Parent_Key], [TA_Desc];



      HierarchyBelongsTo([TA_HKey], [TA_Parent_Key], [TA_Desc], 'TA_Ancestors_Key', 'TA_Ancestors_Name', 'TA_Depth')

      LOAD [TA_Key] as [TA_HKey], [TA_Parent_Key], [TA_Desc];



      LOAD [TA_Ancestors_Key] as [TA_Key],

           [TA_HKey] as [TA.Levels(8)]

      RESIDENT [TA2];


      DROP TABLE [TA2];


      Thank you for any assistance you can provide.