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    Prior month data for each month in a table

      I'm new to QlikView and am exciting to learn! I've been going through the community looking to find an answer and haven't been able to see a scenario like mine and am hoping someone can assist.


      I am attempting to show a headcount table, where the beginning count for each month is the end headcount of the prior month. I have attached a sample qvw to show what I'm trying to do and you can see the data structure.


      I have 3 files coming in; headcount, hires, separations. In my table I would like to show the headcount for the prior month as the beginning count for the next month (from the headcount file). So, for example, the headcount for January (month 1, end headcount field in the table) is the beginning headcount for February (month 2). In my example qvw the 'Prior Month End' would display 10 for month 2, and 9 for month 3. I've tried many different variants of the expression that is currently there, but to no avail.


      Sure appreciate any assistance. Thanks!