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    Executing Batch File via Macro runs only once from Browser

      Greetings Qlikview community!  Thank you in advance for taking the time to help out.


      I have a macro defined that is currently associated with a Button:


      sub testBatchFile

           Set WshShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")

           temp = WshShell.Run("C:\Test\test.bat", 0, true)

      end sub


      The contents of the Batch file (test.bat) are as such:

           echo test > C:\Test\test.txt


      When I access the Qlikview document via a browser and click the button, the batch file successfully executes and the file test.txt is created.  However, subsequent clicks of the button does not cause the batch file to run.  (After the first successful run of the macro with the first click, I am deleting the file.  Subsequent clicks on the button does not produce a test.txt file)


      Additionally, if I refresh the page or select filters, then clicking the button will execute the macro successfully.  However, subsequent clicks fail.


      Allows System Access and Allow System Access are checked in Edit Module.  Under User Preferences -> Security -> Module and Script and Confirm Launch from Macro are all checked.


      Thanks again for the help!