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    Sense QVD Store hangs

    Tomas Arnesson



      Im using a Extract application in Qlik Sense for OLE DB read and looping through tables and store into QVD.

      Every table is dropped after each load & store, So Qlik Sense does not have to join any tables or such, just load, store, drop.


      It works like a charm for smaller tables, but all my larger tables (5million-20million rows plus) seems to fail to store/crash the services.

      The read finishes, then Qlik Sense just maxes out RAM and CPU, and nothing happens and the QVD doesnt get saved.

      It did not even save after hours of waiting, and I had to restart all services to get back into application.

      Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 17.06.37.png

      Any ideas? Thanks

      *Im running latest Qlik Sense server on Windows 2012 server.