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    Piechart not linked to Straight Table

      Hi guys,


      I have a big issue and I've trying to solve for a few days now.

      I have a piechart and a straight table:


      The straight table looks like this:

      Date     Name     Val1     Val2     Val3     Val4(all these are dimensions)     Val1-Val2     Val2-Val3      Val3 - Val4(these are expressions)


      The piechart displays the number of values which are not zero in each Val1-Val2, Val2-Val3, Val3-Val4


      Thus, since they don't have a common dimension, I cannot click on the piechart so the straight table can be updated accordingly.


      How can I overcome this?





      PS: Val1, Val2, Val3, Val4 come from 4 different QVDs