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    How to get Key & Short/Medium/Long Text forms of characteristics from BW into Qlik?

    Simon Hogg

      (I posted this in the "SAP" forum, but there's not much happening over there).


      I am still new to Qlik (in this case, QlikSense) and am working out the nuances of connection to SAP BW.


      I'm now stuck on getting the correct form of the SAP Characteristics.  Here is my very simple extract script (using the built-in SAP BW connector).



                "[Measures].[DJP2RBDKTLYQ]" as "Invoice Value",    

                "[ZBRANCH].[LEVEL01].[MEMBER_CAPTION]" as "Branch Name";

                SELECT NON EMPTY { [Measures].[DJP2RBDKTLYQ]} ON COLUMNS,



      This works fine, but my "Branch Name" is appearing as text (London, Paris, Munich, etc).  I want to display them as Branch Numbers (100, 200, 300, etc).

      I can change [MEMBER_CAPTION] to [UNIQUE_MEMBER] but then I get [zbranch].100 [zbranch].200 (etc.) which looks ugly.

      I've also tried adding the line;


      but the extract fails with a syntax error.

      Any suggestions I can ponder on over the weekend?

      Many thanks.