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    (HELP) Using functions and formula's in an Text Object

      Hello all,


      I have a text object where I use function and formula to create a more dynamic title.


      I've figure out how to get my desired result for Week of, but now I have another area I would like to fill in that would create an if/or situation. This is if I have selected instead of WeekEnd, MonthEnd.


      My formula now is


      ='>> '&UPPER(Business Unit)&' CYCLE TIME - WEEK OF '&date(WeekEnd-6)&'  -  '&WeekEnd


      Result: Business Unit Cycle Time - Week of 3/16/2015 - 3/22/2015


      This formula would then be effected by a multi box I have set up for the Business Unit and WeekEnd variables


      Other than the if/or situation I'm not sure how I would be able to account for the starting date of the month like I do above with "-6".


      I thank you for any advice you can lend me.


      Best Regards,


      Myles Holland