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    Issues in QlikSense

    Chenna Reddy

      Hi All,


      I am facing below issues in QlikSense


      1. Create a table with few columns, Save the sheet. Goto Edit mode and rearrange the columns the table.

           Issue : When exporting the data to Excel, it always exports in the original order instead rearranged order


      2. Background Image in Text object:

           Create a background image in Text object using QlikSense Desktop, deploy this app to QlikSense server along with copying image files into "Content" folder.

           Issuse : When this application is published in QMC and opened through QS hub, images are not displayed


      3. Could not align dimension columns values to Left / Right


      4. If a Measure column having numbers with decimal's and when exported this data to excel, Values are showing with a error symbol and it shows a messages like "Convert to number". Hope this should not be coming in excel.


      Please advise if there is any workaround or plan to fix to these issues.


      Still exploring QlikSense to get it working as expected.


      Thank you


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          Michael Tarallo

          Hi Chenna - are you a customer / partner or running a trial of Qlik Sense Server?


          If you are a customer or partner I suggest you open a ticket with Qlik Support. If you are trying out server, do you have an account manager / pre-sales engineer to work with? If so, I suggest you content them immediately. I will inform the manager on my end to make sure you get the best support possible.


          BTW - In Regards to #2 - I believe you need to import / upload your images to the default content repository using the QMC, not just copy the files to the content folder. Once the images are uploaded - the should resolve.



          Mike T


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            I'm having similar column reordering issues. My observation is that columns containing Measure values always appear to the right side of the spreadsheet while the columns containing Dimension values appear in the left side of the spreadsheet. I am able to reorder the Dimension columns within the group of Dimension columns and am able to reorder the Measure columns within the group of Measure columns and the Export to Excel reflects the reordering, but when a Measure column is reordered to a position within the group of Dimension columns the Export to Excel fails to follow the new ordering. It keeps the Measure column within the group of Measure columns. A work-a-round to this may be to perform aggregation with the Load script, creating a Dimension rather than a Measure.