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    Button to open a page

      Hi guys,


      I began to work with qlik personal edition a few days ago. My aim is to create a Dashboard composed of 4 pages. The main page will contain cutomer logo and three buttons (ButtonA, ButtonB and ButtonC) that I would like to use to bring the end-user to a specific page.


      At the moment I have this situation: Main Page | Page 1 | Page 2 | Page 3. From Main Page I would like to click on ButtonA, get redirect to Page 1 and, at the same time, hide Page 2 and Page 3.


      At the moment I created the link to open Page 1 (everything is working fine), but I can't understand how to configure the button to hide Page 2 and Page 3.


      How could I get it? Any help please?

      Thanks to you all.