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    GEO Test Example

    Fernando Keuroglian

      Hi expert


      i have a doubt, i create a very basic test for maps in qlikview.


      i attached the qvf and the cvs where i have the latitude and longitude, but when i try to create the geomakepoint in the script , nothing happened and the maps do not show.



      what could be


      attached example


      thank you



        • Re: GEO Test Example



          I can't try your dataset right now but I can tell you that you need to be sure about the decimal and thousand separator defined at the beginning of your script are correct for using the data contained in the latitude and longitude fields.


          Try one of the following:

          A) use NUM#(field_with_coordinates, '#.#', '.',','). This is in my opinion the best solution.

          B) change the DecimalSep and ThousandSep variable values one for each other. This is not a perfect solution because it will affect the rest of the fields with numbers in your app.


          Hope it helps.