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    Graph Displays for Filters (with Data Example)

      Hi All,


      I am trying to get Quarterly data to filter for three different Types: Firm, Industry, and Market.


      There are 4 different amount fields that I would like to display these by: Contacted, Not Contacted, Engaged, and Active.


      The idea behind the graph is would be to have a filter (or button with variables) that when I click on say, Industry, bar graphs would display for each Quarter and a stacked bar Graph for the Amounts.


      Please find a sample data set attached below:


      The idea behind it would look something like the attachment (name: Desired Result), except I would only have one Type showing at once, with all of the Units for that showing as well.


      However the filters won't work for some reason (i.e. when I click Market, nothing happens)


      I was hoping that someone could take a look at the sample data and let me know what type of expression and dimensions I should use to get this to show the way I want.


      My initial thought is I need to use multiple SumIF expressions (i.e. SumIF(Type='Firm') ) or something like that, but I am unfamiliar with using this expression in Qlikview.


      Currently I have four expressions to show the breakdown of Contacted, Not Contacted, Engaged, and Active (just SUM(1 of those 4 fields).


      Any help at all would be amazing and much appreciated. Feel free to ask for clarification if you need it at all.



      Thanks in advance!