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    Using / connecting sense desktop with server

    N G

      HI All,


      This may be an obvious question but I can't find an answer anywhere.


      I understand what 'sense desktop' is and I understand what 'sense server' is, but how do the two connect together ?


      In qlikview there was a nice simple logic i.e. open 'my file' locally or open 'in server' my file which dictated where the file was you were working with.


      Desktop has qvf files but it is not so clear the same way. I understand once a file is 'in server' you can open it within an html web browser, but again how does this relate to desktop ?


      So I guess my questions are ...


      i) If I create in desktop a qvf file, how do I 'move it' to the server

      ii) If I create in desktop a qvf file, the 'upload to cloud beta' seems a new option but this doesnt again seem to go 'to the server', but only several other users of choice ?

      iii) How do I open / edit in desktop a file that is 'on the server' or can I only do it as a web browser ?

      iv) Does desktop have an 'open in server' equivalent that I am missing somewhere ?


      Any help greatly appreciated :-)




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          Miguel Angel Baeyens de Arce

          Hi Bob,

          Qlik Sense Desktop is not intended to be a development tool, rather than a discovery tool. Qlik Sense allows you to develop server side which has many advantages. However, to your questions:

          i) You need to import into the server using the QMC > Apps > Import

          ii) The Qlik Cloud is currently beta, and you can use it, but it is a free cloud service, not a Qlik Sense server

          iii) You can export apps using the QMC > Apps > Export and use them locally for further development. But you don't need to do that, since you can develop, modify, publish, etc using Qlik sense Server

          iv) It does not have an open in server. Qlik Sense Desktop and QlikView Desktop are not the same thing. QlikView Desktop is a full development tool that you need for any QlikView deployment. However, with Qlik Sense, that is no longer a requirement. Qlik Sense client is full JavaScript, Websockets HTML5, therefore to consume Qlik Sense apps you need an HTML5 browser. Qlik Sense Desktop is not the client for Qlik Sense.

          Feel free to reach out to me for further info.