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    Extranet Two Factor Authentication

    Ron Mueller

      We have been trying to figure out a simple mechanism to provide two factor authentication to our Extranet Access Point.  Our configuration uses an inside SBE server, AD authentication and the Extranet Server Access Point (in a DMZ) to serve applications.  Our applications all use section access security to limit data for a particular user authenticated against AD.


      Ideally, what we would like is for a user to login to the Extranet Server Access Point using their AD credentials.  Once they have been authenticated, we would like to present a secondary challenge before launching the application.  An alternative, would be once the user has been authenticated; they would be presented with a secondary challenge within the application before any objects would be accessible (other than the challenging object).


      What are the preferred mechanism for two factor authentication with the SBE/Extranet combination.  Is there any documentation, or examples?