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    Section Access Security

    David Dumas

      I have requirements to implement row level security.  The first main level of security is by Business Unit.  There are only about 7, so that can be accomplished with loop and reduce in publisher.  The next finer grain row level security is by organizational hierarchy. Example staff1 (a user) can only see data that staff1 created.  This User is stored in a "created_by" column in all transactional fact data.  Supervisor1 can see all data for that Supervisor1 create plus all data for all staff under Supervisor1.  Director1 can see all data that Director1 created (most likely none) plus all data for all Director1's Supervisors plus all data for staff under each Supervisor.  Business Unit Executives call see all data for their Business Unit.  Senior level Execs can see all data for all Business Units.


      I realize that I need to create a user access table in excel, but not sure how QlikView security will be able to handle the organizational hierarchy for row level access.