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    Governance QVD sources

    Lewis Cook

      Hi chaps


      Not been using Qlik long, so pardon my ignorance.


      I'm trying to build a customer meta data application. I know there's a Governance dashboard but I'm tasked with building a bespoke one.


      I'm having difficulty constructing a data model based on the hierarchy:


      Dashboard: Sheet: Object: Expression: Field: Table: Source


      The standard QVDs used by the Governance dashboard don't provide a link between the fields and the expressions. I did think about a string comparison to identify field names in expressions (definition) but with the amount of data I'm using, this won't be a great way of doing it (plus, it'll pickup commented code too).


      My question is two fold:


      1) Where does the Governance dashboard pull in data from? I'm thinking I could maniplulate it to my ends if I get my hands on it earlier in the process...?


      2) If this isn't possible, can you wonderful people think of a good way of doing this?


      Many thanks in advance...

        • Re: Governance QVD sources
          Tyler Waterfall

          Ah yes, linking fields to expressions (or to load script)...

          As they say in Sweden, lycka till. (Good luck).  This is an area where we (Qlik) are working hard to facilitate. But for now, it is difficult at best.


          You might consider rwunderlich's Document Analyzer.


          In the Governance Dashboard, we made the decision to limit the effort spent on linking expressions to fields due to the resource requirements (load time) and the fact that expressions can be full of noise (white space, comments, etc.).  The closest we provide in the Governance Dashboard is basic text parsing of expressions, dimensions, and variables for fields. You can find that on the "Field Usage" sub tab on the Objects sheet.


          The Field Usage should give you some guidance, but it should not be considered complete.  In other words, do not start removing fields from apps because you can't find them in the "Field Usage" sheet.


          As far as the Governance Dashboard, it pulls metadata from the QVDs (xml in the file) and the QVWs (xml footer).