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    Load Script - Excel Table Loads Now Failing

      Hello Community,


      My first post so go easy with me please.


      I have my first Qlik application which was running just fine but which now fails to load data from a series of Excel files containing data in multiple worksheets.  This has been developed in a FOC copy of QlikView Desktop.


      I think that there could be a bug in the Exel (xlsx) load feaure such that when you have (multiple worksheets - may not be material) with embedded labels (column headings) and a worksheet header which includes some blank rows the load gets confused.


      The Excel files typically have 8 header rows. 3 of these are blank.


      Running the Script Table Files process it finds 5 lines (i.e. ignores blanks).


      Importing directly from the File Open (select Excel file), that finds 8 lines.


      The script was originally setup with the second method i.e. with 8 lines when starting out.  This worked for over a week (many edits / reloads). I entered a licence key into the product and now the script fails to load (cannot find tables / columns).


      Has anyone had any similar experiences / or knows how to handle the situation or has a best practice example for Excel data import. I have many Excel files to import and need to refresh the data periodically.