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    Data comparison (find differences between 2 sets of data)

    Florian Pennetzdorfer



      I'm looking for a way to compare 2 similar sets of data and highlight the differences (maybe similar to tools like WinMerge, Kompare etc.? ... see Screenshots below).


      I'm not really sure how to start that project - does anyone have experience / tips / examples / links / tutorials for me?

      Any help is appreciated!



      • We try to set up a Version Control for our Bills of Material (BOM).
      • A user should be able to select 2 similar BOMs and then check the differences.
      • There are different types of BOM-changes (changed value, deleted row, new row, ...)
      • A standard BOM contains up to 500 rows and about 50 columns.
      • Comparison cannot be done in script because users should compare ANY BOMs they want.
      • So I need some kind of visualization (straight table) that shows the differences (colors, symbols etc.)


      Regards, Florian



      PS: Screenshot of "WinMerge" and "Kompare"