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    Mapping Charts

      Hi everyone,


      I am builing a heating map for Portugal (the country where I actually am living). I have values for each district and I want to display them in each region with colours (f.e. the maxium values have color red and the lowest green). I have dedicated some time to researching in deepth how can I accomplish that without paying a service (at least for the time beeing). I have found many threads regarding this subject. My main problem is that I have a non license account for the qlikview I am still learning what can I achieve and do with this amazing tool. Therefore, I only can open few files which I dont create and I can't misplace those tries. I have read there are someways to do it, but I didnt explore them in more deepth since it would require to open qvd (use my tries).


      Can you please provide me with a good source where I can start from? Or a file where I can learn from?


      Is it possible to create different mapping graphs without a license account? First I want to explore this oportunity, then I cant think of buying a qlikview license and produce a solid App.


      Many thanks in advance!