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    Change dimension of bar chart by clicking on the bars or chart

      Hi all,


      Is it possible to change the dimension of a bar chart from month -> days when you click on a bar?


      Let me explain myself, I would like to create a bar chart with sales values per Month and (eventually) per day.

      But I would like to show the months at first and when your selection of months is reduced to only 1 month, the bar chart dimension should automatically change to days.


      I know that you can achieve this by creating dimension groups, but I don't need that.

      Because you have to click on the small cylic icon and it should be triggered automatically.


      I've tried to automate the technique of this webste:

      Dynamic Dimensions in QlikView Chart | denvercoder9

      But I can't find a way to change vSortIndex when I click the bar chart...


      Hope someone can help me out.