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    Cumulative line chart for 7 days of data



      I've done a lot of searching on this and it looks like it can be done in Sense (not as easily as it was in QV) but I have not had any luck getting this to work.


      Basically, I need to display a line chart of drivers and their cumulative sum(miles) over the most recent 7 days of data.


      To complicate things… it needs to be the most recent 7 days of data, not last 7 days of data. This is important because data will only be reloaded once a week, which means I can’t build the expression to say cumulative sum of today()-6


      What is the expression I need either as a master calc or within a line chart object? Thank you!


      Considering that today is April 2 and the last reload was March 28, one driver would show (visualize in a line, not table):



      DateCumulative MilesDaily Miles