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    How to sum max values through aggregating dimensions?

      Dear friends,


      I would like to find out how to:


      1. sum max values of 'respondents' per dimension


      2. re-calculate the sum of max values of respondents over higher dimensions


      Respondents values can be multiple over higher / aggregating dimensions.




      a. 40 respondents have contact with a commercial (lowest dimension), so max value per respondent will be the current value

      b. On a daily basis (i.e. date) 20 spots are broadcasted and respondents have contact with several out of 20 ('random')


      c. I would like to display in aggregated total the sum of the max value of all individual respondents who watched one or more spots that day


      The value is called 'GrossReach'.


      Higher dimensions are for example Channel, SalesHouse, MediaType.


      I am having trouble to define properly with sum, max and aggr.


      Anybody any ideas?


      Kind regards, Ed.