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    Extracting CLOB fields from Oracle E-Business Suite is very slow

      Currently I have an extract from a custom view that returns 129K rows (~5MB).  One of the fields in the view is in a data type of CLOB.  When I include the CLOB field the extract takes just under 3 hours.  If I remove the CLOB field from the extract it finishes in ~2 minutes.  For what it's worth I am using the OLE DB driver against an Oracle database and the R12.2.3 release of EBS.  I searched for CLOB/Oracle EBS in the community discussions and only saw 1 other response where a user was having the same issue.  His solution was to remove the CLOB field which is a required field for the project I am working on.  Is this something anyone else has seen?  Is it a limitation of QlikView or the OLE DB driver?