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    Set Analysis.

    Srinivasa Devadiga


      i need to calulcate Satrs count for bellow



      in this if stars=col and Lob=MC and ProductTypeID <>PPO. this applicable only for col rest of cols there will not be any product type condtion. i need to add this logic in bellow experssion


      =count({<Der_Assigned_Reviewer={'QM', 'MRA', 'OUTCOMES', 'Unassigned'},MeasureID={'COL','CMC','CBP','CDC2B','CDC2E','CDC2H','CDC2L','CDC2N'}, LOB={"MC"}>} distinct MemberGenKey & MeasureID)


      can any pls guide me how can vlidate product typeId only for COL.



      Thx in adavance.






        • Set Analysis.


          count({<Der_Assigned_Reviewer={'QM', 'MRA', 'OUTCOMES', 'Unassigned'},MeasureID={'COL','CMC','CBP','CDC2B','CDC2E','CDC2H','CDC2L','CDC2N'}, LOB={"MC"}, STARS={"COL"},ProductTypeID-={'PPO'}>} distinct MemberGenKey & MeasureID)

          In the above expression only 2 conditions have been included, one is Stars=col and Producttypeid <> PPO. This should mostly work. Pls chk for single quotes/double quotes accordingly in the new conditions written above.

          • Set Analysis.
            sunil jain

            Dear Srinivas,

            pls try to implement this scenario at script level. it will reduce complexity.