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    Qlik Sense 1.1 - long connect times with Direct Query



      I'm experiencing extremely long connect times using Direct Query and I wonder if anyone has any suggestions for improving performance.


      I'm using Qlik Sense 1.1 connecting to an Amazon RDS database. Because the table I want to read is so big (100 million plus rows), I'm using Direct Query (in-memory won't work for me). It's taking 12 minutes for my load script to get to the point where it's reading in fields. There's a big delay before each field is loading too - 4 to 5 minutes before the field is loaded. On the same machine, I'm using SQL directly and I'm getting data back in a fraction of that time.


      Here's my load script.




      Trace Name of table;


      [Name of table]:







      FROM `database`.`table`;



      Anyone got any ideas for why it's taking 12 minutes before I'm seeing data being read in? Any idea why there's a delay of 4 to 5 minutes before each field is read in?

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          wrvs fsbv

          You can try connection pooling. When a connection to a database is made a new connection is made and destroyed every time a user connects and disconnects.

          Database service provider can implement a pooling technique that can allow  multiple connection objects from a resource pool to be shared transparently among the requesting clients. Basically, connections are not destroyed but are released after use into a pool of connections.


          The load script syntax to setup the pooling capability is as follows:

          SET DirectConnectionMax=10;

          The default setting is 1.