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    Nprinting freezes sporadically

    Assaf Milman

      Hi everyone,

      In my company we're using Nprinting to handle all of our Qlikview reporting, on a Windows 2012 server.

      Currently we have 12 NSQ files loaded in the Nprinting server, and probably ~20 reports in those files.

      Most of the reports are scheduled to run every 10-20 minutes.


      Recently I've started experiencing Nprinting freezing. For no particular reason Nprinting's scheduler stops working, though the service is still alive. The log isn't helpful - no indication for errors in there.

      The only thing I see that might be related is in the windows events viewer -

      DirectoryServiceConnector - Search aborted: no resources


      During the times that Nprinting is ok, this problem doesn't appear.

      Any idea if the things are related, and if so what can be done?

      Thanks a lot,