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    Join tables in User interface

    Diego Da Ros

      Hi All,

      I have  a question: is there a way to do a join between two tables in user interface? I know I can so it while scripting, but I need to create something more complicated.



      Table1 (using alternate state)

      John Doe

      Richard Smith

      Mary Guinness


      Table2 (using alternate state 2 as they're the same records as before but a different selection)

      John Doe


      I'd like to create a table 3 where I'd like to do an inner join to keep records that are in table 1 but not in table 2.


      Any ideas?


      Thanks in advance



        • Re: Join tables in User interface
          Petter Skjolden

          Actually there are several ways of achieving it in QlikView... but it is not necessarily intuitive and it might not perform extremely well with a large number of records.


          1) You can use CONCATENATE so both tables are considered as one QlikView logical table.


                   Should actually perform quite well when you do Set Expressions and use the set operators between

                    subsets of the same table * + - / (set operations) that corresponds to join operators ...


          2) You can use a combination of Match, SubField and Concatenate - which might not perform so well with

               large number of records.


                    Just to give you some idea of an expression that works in a sample app I made:


                    SubField( Concat( DISTINCT ID2 ,',', Num2) , ',' , Match( Num1 , $(=Concat( DISTINCT Num2, ',', Num2 ))) )