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    convert date format

      Dear friends,

      how can convert the date 006.2010 in 30/06/2010??

      in the table there is the period 006.2010 and I want convert in script to date 30/06/2010 and then manage this one in master calendar

      can you help me



        • convert date format

          I done in this way:


          Directory; CO_PA: LOAD

          MonthEnd(makedate((right(Periodo, 4)), (left(Periodo, 3)))) as Data,



          LET varMinDate = Num(Peek('MinDate'));

          LET varMaxDate = Num(Peek('MaxDate'));

          LET vToday = num(today());


          DROP TABLE MaxMinDate;

          //*************** Temporary Calendar ***************




          $(varMinDate) + rowno() - 1 AS Num,

          date($(varMinDate) + rowno() - 1) AS TempDate

          AUTOGENERATE $(varMaxDate) - $(varMinDate) + 1;


          //*************** Master Calendar ***************



          TempDate AS Data,

          Year(TempDate)as Anno,

          Month(TempDate) as Mese,

          Week(TempDate) as Settimana,

          'Q' & Ceil(Month(TempDate)/3) as Quarter


          but there's this error:

          • convert date format
            Rob Wunderlich

            Can you explain a bit more how the period maps to the date? Is the period "006" month 6 and you want the monthend as date? Do you have 12 periods 1-12?