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    Assign value if filled cell otherwise none



      I have a problem which I cannot solve by myself. I need to assign a character ('x') in 'header 3' if the first field contains an abbreviation that is A, AA or AAA. (I know I can do this with left join, but I need to do it in combination with the upcoming problem). In addition, I need to assign a character ('x') to 'header 4' if the field 'Value' is not empty. There is no way for me to write all names in a script, because there are in reality 1 million rows with new names added continuously. This is just an example. Below you can see this illustrated.


      AbbreviationValueHeader 3Header 4Header 5


      In this case, if the first cell contains A, AA or AAA, 'x' is displayed in header 3. However, I also want 'x' to be displayed in header 4 if the field Value contains something (i.e., not empty).


      But my purpose here is actually to get header 5. If either of the first two fields or both fields meet the above mentioned criteria, I want something to be displayed. In this case 'x'. Otherwise the cell should remain empty.


      Thank you in advance!