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    combo chart, line and bar

    Joanna Seldon



      I have a combo chart. in qlik sense


      Year 1 is the bars and previous year 2 is the line.


      calculations work fine, so its doing the sums, however chart appears as


      jan to dec as line Previous year 2...then jan to dec starts again as bars. Year 1


      however I want I wish for the line to appear on top of the bars. just one set jan to dec to show the difference. like a trend line.


      code used


      count({<[Arrival Year]={$(=max([Arrival Year]))}>}[Age]) (bars)


      count({<[Arrival Year]={$(=max([Arrival Year])-1)}>}[Age]) (line)


      they are joined together if I add alt1


      count({alt1<[Arrival Year]={$(=max([Arrival Year])-1)}>}[Age])


      but then line is not spiking. the line the just runs along the bottom of the bars.


      please help


      Kind regards



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          Hi joeybird,


          I think you need to put the trend measure onto the second axis.


          To do this, under the measure settings, make sure the measure is set to display as Line and then choose Secondary Axis from the box underneath.


          Hope this helps.


          Kind regards,



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              Joanna Seldon



              tried this and no joy.


              however bar is now in the middle (not running along the bottom), but still no spiking when you use


              count({alt1<[Arrival Year]={$(=max([Arrival Year])-1)}>}[Age]).


              when I use this below I do get the spikes....

              count({<[Arrival Year]={$(=max([Arrival Year])-1)}>}[Age]) (line)


              but the spiked line (Year 2/ previous year) goes across then (year 1/ current year) starts in bars.


              Please help?


              Kind Regards