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    Expression to count the # of 7-day periods in which a record exists?

    Steve Lord

      Hi, we have a scenario where reporting team would like to know who logged an activity at least twice per week for all X weeks.  (Or just 'in how many weeks did the user log the activity twice?')


      Provided is a fixed value for the challenge start date, though I might be better served by min() whatever date is selected in the date listbox.


      I have an idea about trying to adapt some master calendar script to a qlikview expression on an existing straight table so it can adjust to fit with whatever date range is selected by the user.  But not quite sure it needs to be anything like that setup either.


      If anyone has already achieved this, I'd appreciate whatever expressions you have handy or off the top of your head.  It would likely save me some trial and error dev time later this week.