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    SAP Query Optimization

    m m

      We are having performance issue trying to pull data from SAP BW system via query connected via SAPOLAP connector.


      When i submit below query via QlikView application. it takes 3 min to run via Bex, however Qlikview takes 3 hours and majority of the time it fails and returns error. SAP Basis admin is saying they don't see date restriction on their side when we ask them to troubleshoot. Qliktech is saying we need to optimize the query + increase the packet size.



      How can below query be optimized & how to change packet size.




      Load *;

      Select PseudoMDX (

      Dimensions (

        [ZE_DATADR] ([1ZE_DATADR], [2ZE_DATADR]),

        [ZI_PCEPIN] (),

        [ZI_SCANDT] ([2ZI_SCANDT]),

        [ZI_SCCD] ([1ZI_SCCD], [2ZI_SCCD]),

        [ZI_TERMNL] ([1ZI_TERMNL], [2ZI_TERMNL])),

      Measures (

        [5190ABMLGK1ULKWRZJ6HZXP5I].[5190ABU9ZINK47G85D8U9ZNVA]), //Number of Records

      Variables (

        [!V000002] (I [ZI_SCANDT].[20150110]:[ZI_SCANDT].[20150205])),

      From (ZSC_D01P/YQ_SC_D01P_SCANACTSUM_QV));


      Drop table [ZSC_D01P/YQ_SC_D01P_SCANACTSUM_QV];