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    DTD, MTD and YTD with Date

      Dear Gurus,

      I have some different requirement for DTD, MTD and YTD with Date, attached the data1 file with data and Expected result.
      Also attached sample qvw to work on.

      - User have to ability to change chart from Pivot table to straight table,
      So we have to be careful while using Above or below function for Rangesum


      - We need accumulative total for MTD and YTD
      - We need formula at front end not at script level because in main application we have lot of dimensions


      Thanks in advance...

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          Attaching updated Data1 file for more clear infromation

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              Experts help required please


              GBU      Date           Sales
              BS      03-Oct-11      450
              CD      03-Oct-11      204
              BS      04-Oct-11      -2854
              CD      04-Oct-11      -95
              BS      05-Oct-11      -3608
              CD      05-Oct-11      -88
              BS      03-Nov-11      225
              CD      03-Nov-11      102
              BS      04-Nov-11      -1427
              CD      04-Nov-11      -47.5
              BS      05-Nov-11      -1804
              CD      05-Nov-11      -44
              For Selection     
              Date= 05-Nov-2011     
              Expected Result in pivot
              Date 05-Nov-2011          
              GBU      DTD      MTD      YTD  
              BS      -1804      -3006      -9018  
              CD      -44           10.5      31.5  

              For Selection     
              Date= 04-Nov-2011, 05-Nov-2011     
              Expected Result in pivot
              Date 04-Nov-2011   05-Nov-2011 
              GBU      DTD         MTD      YTD       DTD      MTD      YTD
              BS         -1427      -1202      -7214       -1804  -3006      -9018
              CD           -47.5      54.5      75.5         -44      10.5      31.5

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              Any work around please ...