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    task failed on server due to provider32

      Hi All,


      I would like to ask for your advice, as I have tried to resolve my issue so many ties and still nothing.


      I have a qwv which is co connected to ms access database;

      on pc it is reloading successfully every time, however on server it is failing.


      On server I need to use 64provider (I have odder app there connected to ms access and know that 64 is there ok);

      That way I have connection:


      OLEDB CONNECT64 TO [Provider=Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0;

      (as said before I'm sure tat it is correct - checked with other app).

      Even that task which is failing on server shows:

      OLEDB CONNECT32*Provider*

      Error: ErrorSource: Microsoft OLE DB Service Components, ErrorMsg: Class not registered


      Why? Cananyone help me? What else should I check?


      I would appreciate any feedback,