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    Qlikview personal edition upgrade

        when i call QlikView com using window service, it shows an license issue that the file was created by another user, but it is not




      and it Keep asking password when we call qlikview file in server.  Here is the code sample


      QlikView.Application b = new QlikView.Application();


      b.OpenDoc(@"qvp://xxxxxxx@qv/SalesDashBoard/PendingYTD.qvw" ,_UserName:@"xxxxxx", _Password: "xxxxxx");



      b.OpenDocEx(@"qvp://xxxxxxx@qv/SalesDashBoard/PendingYTD.qvw", 1, false,_UserName:@"XXXXX",_Password:@"XXXXX");



      i have a licensed server and name cal, however i am not able to upgrade my personal edition qlikview to a licensed one using the Cals, can anyone advice?

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          Jonathan Dienst



          Perhaps your license lease has expired. Have you tried to open QV, then click File | Open in Server... and point to the server from where you are leasing your license? Open any document there - now your lease will have been


          I think you need a named CAL for what you are trying to do, rather than a document license or a session license.