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    How to create a common connection to use for multiple users

      Hello Everyone,


      I am working on qliksense, we have multiple users.


      DSN is created ad we are able to connnect with Qliksense.


      DSN is available for both users


      If i create a ODBC connection on DSN that connection can not able to visible to the other user, Can anybody tell me how to create the unique connection to use by multiple users.


      we have only one server using by different users,


      Please let me know if anything needs to be done at QMC level.


      Thanks in advance



      Sreeharsha V

        • Re: How to create a common connection to use for multiple users
          Masaki Hamano

          Hi Sreeharsha,


          You can achieve it by creating a security rule, even though the credentials used in the ODBC is shared by multiple users.


          On QMC, click"Manage Content" > "Data Connections" and select the data connection you would like to share. On the right side, select "Associated Items" > "Security rules" then click "Create associated rule" button. Then, you can grant "read" privilege to users on this rule as follows:



          There would be more sophisticated way like creating a group with custom property and grant access right to the group, so please take it as a minimum sample.