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    NPrinting affect Qlik Server overall performance?

    RaviShankar Bodipudi

      Hi Community,


      We were working on Qlik Development server and everything going on well until NPrinting server installed on same server. After installing NPrinting, Qlik Server’s overall performance turned to very poor but working without any issue. E.g. 30 minutes reloading activity takes 3-4 hrs with no issues. Even saving an empty notepad file takes lot of time.


      After installing NPrinting, we noticed RAM usage is below 25% and CPU load below 10%. Event log file do not have any major errors.

      We were not sure whether it is hardware problem or NPrinting installation.


      Any one encountered this situation before? Any solution(s)?

      Appreciate any ideas or thoughts to resolve this.


      Additional Info: Qlik 11.2 SR6; Windows 2012 Server;


      Thanks in advance