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    Publisher and bat file problem

      I have an application that recharges a document and then run a macro that generates a power point document, save and closes it.


      If I run it from a bat, load document data, generates the power point and closes the QlikView document. From the bat all ok.


      If I create a task from the Publisher to run this bat, the job never ends. I have already checked that there is no possibility that a popup window requesting user intervention appears.


      We have many such tasks that work ok, the problem is apparently with generate a PowerPoint and Publisher.


      The bat file content is:


      START "" /MAX /WAIT "C:\Program Files\QlikView\QV.EXE" /l /vS_CDG_CLIENTE=99 /vS_CLIENTE=prueba /vS_TDD=CLIENTE "D:\VENTAS\APPS\VENTAS\QVW\generar_ppt.QVW"

      EXIT 0


      Someone's happened something similar?


      Thank you very much