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    Essbase connector, no measures, query error

    Massimo Grossi

      I'm not able to see Measures with QlikView Essbase connector (image)

      essbase connector.png


      I can only run MDX query (very simple query) typing the query in script edditor anfd I get the result.

      Wen the query is more complex I always get some error (QvEssbaseConnector has stopped working or Error: Error: File extdata.cpp, Line 2903)


      Any suggestions?



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            Please let me know if you are able to reslove this issue. i am facing the same thing.

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                Massimo Grossi

                No, we were able to get few data (few records) but not all the data.

                We involved an essbase expert (he did a monitoring of essbase server and apps server while we ran the extraction in Qlik) and he told us that the technology used (XMLA) by Qlik connector was not suitable for the amount of data that we had to read (2 million rows).

                Detailed explanation (as I recall): the QlikView connector can not Manage directly Essbase protocol, so it needs to use an "Essbase Provider server" (Java technology) which converts Essbase response in XML files and this Provider (Essbase) is limited in the amount of data that it can process in memory.

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                    rohit kumar



                    I have a use case where I need to create dashboard on Qlik Sense and data source is Hyperion Essbase Cube. Qlik provide free inbuilt connector and the demonstration is available with very simple example.


                    Now, when I made connection between Qlik and Essbase cube , All the parent dimension and measure are coming same in both Dimension and Measure box. Why this is happening ?


                    Secondly, If I select one parent dimension and one parent measure it is fetching data but when I select two or more parent dimension it is showing me error.


                    I can't fetch data for one parent dimension at a time and then concatenate later (This solution is available on Community ) because If I do so then there will be never associate data mapping there.


                    I need to fetch data for all the dimension and measure or the way I can map it later as every object will be associate to each and every object as cube schema.


                    I am attaching snapshot for the same list of dimension and measure in both of the box and error coming out while I try to fetch data.


                    Essbase Connector not working