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    Listbox affect multiple states

      Hi all,


      Is it possible to have one listbox affect two alternate states?

      I've got a couple of charts respond to state_1 and only 1 chart responds to state_2.

      Set analysis isn't an option, as there are a lot of dimensions.


      Hope my question is clear enough.


      Cheers Michel

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          Bhagirath Shingote

          field action can be added to reflect the change from state1 list box to state2 field selection

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            Aaron Morgan

            Not inherently. You can choose to use triggers to select in the second state the same values selected in the first, but this would be as much work as using set analysis, as you'd need to set a trigger for every field you want to pass the values for.


            Is it just one listbox, i.e. one field? If there are a lot of fields you want to affect both, is alternate states the right fit for what you're doing?

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                Thanks for the quick reply Aaron and Bhagirath.

                The dimensions date/week/month and year need to affect both sets of charts/ both states.

                I don't know whether alternate state is the right approach, quite new to the game.

                If there are other possibilities besides alternate states i'm open for any recommendation.


                Set analysis is also a possibility... but i'm not a big fan of using it in this manner. Got quite a few charts and quite a few dimensions to exclude from selection.

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                    Aaron Morgan

                    If it's just there's just one chart that you have in your alternate state, you can have the listboxes in the default state and use:




                    etc. in set analysis on the second chart's expressions. This tells it to respond to selections in the alternate state but also to respond to selections in the default state but only for the fields you've included in the set analysis, if that makes sense.


                    What is it you're trying to do overall?

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                        Works like a charm! Thanks a lot again.

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                          And about your question what I'm up to:


                          I got a question from higher management to look into the specs and possibilites of Qlikview 2 weeks ago. And for 2 weeks I had not opened the program ever. So would be a hell of a job.

                          Part of the exercise was to create a 1-pager of all worked hours.

                          So a quick overview to show the top-down efficiency of all departments. Site overall -> department -> sub-department -> employee level. So that's what I'm trying to do.


                          1. Creating the 1 pager

                          2. Gathering knowlegde about Qlikview


                          I can't sent a personal message to you btw..

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                      Aaron Morgan

                      Ah I see, probably best you get a good overview of the functions and features like alternate states if it's about making a choice then!


                      Yeah, they recently upgraded the software for this forum, and I think they somehow removed the button to send a private message..!