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    How to display Previous Month total count with latest month count figures

      Hi all,

      I am new to the QlikView and I am trying to develop a report that shows the past month's usage count while needs to display the year to month count as well. The sample tables structure are as below

      • User table (userid + year_month as KEY1, userid + year_month as KEY2, username, userid, team, year_month)
      • ReadAction table(userid + year_month(read_date) as KEY1, userid, readactionid, read_info, read_date)
      • CreateContact table(userid + year_month(create_date) as KEY 2, userid, createactionid, createcontact_info, create_date)

      Output would be something like the following:

      error loading image

      I try to accomplish this with IF statement but the performance is very very slow.

      Additional info

      • ReadCount is the number of read count in Jan2011
      • CreateCount is the number of create count in Jan2011.
      • Jan11 = ReadCount + CreateCount

      Any other formula can achieve this?