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    Publishing to Test License Server

    Anton Wibowo

      Hi Folks,


      Just wondering if you have some experience around this area.

      I have 2 EE Server environments (Production and Test). The Test Server has "Test" License. On Production environment, I have 2 VM servers, one for Publisher, the other for regular QV Server. At the moment, the PUB (Publisher) server only publish QVW into the QV Server within Production Environment. Is it possible to also use the same Publisher Server to publish to Test Server (which the Test Server is using Test License)?


      If the above is not possible, is it still possible to do so if I were to purchase & setup another Publisher Server attached to the "Test" Server?

      (I'm not sure if "Test" license has restriction/limitation other than will have "Test" watermark on the QVW pages + does not allow Lease License).


      I appreciate your input and thank you in advance,


      Best regards,