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    QMC chokes with thousands of mounted user documents


      We have a 2 node cluster running 11.2 SR10, with publisher running on a 3rd machine.  Management service is running on node 1.  We loop and distribute approx 1500 documents into 10 mounted folders.  10x1500 = 15,000 total user documents. Each doc is around 3MB.  The tasks run ok, but I can't edit tasks, view the system tab, or user document tab.  the QMC pages just never load.  it doesn't crash, but all i can really use is the Status tab, and Source doc tab.   If I clear out the mounted folders, the QMC works fine.


      Is there a number of user documents past which the QMC cannot manage in a stable manner?  are there any settings that can be changed to allow for a larger deployment?


      -i've already tried 'repairing' all shared files in all 10 folders using the power tools


      any advice from enterprise users out there would be appreciated !


      Thank you