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    Dimensions with same values

    Petr Kyncl

        Hello Qlik Sense community,


      i have some trouble with this file:



      ProjectSupport (Sources)
      Project AHL M
      Project B H M M
      Project CM H H H
      Project D L L M
      Project EHL L



      There are more dimensions (SCM, IT, ENG, PMO, LEAN, SECURITY,...) with same values (H,M,L).

      I would like to get something like this (column project not important for this chart):


      Information about priority H, L, M for single departmants.


      There is problem with dimension... In this example i picked up dimension IT and measures:

      Count (IT)




      There are correct results only for Count (IT).


      Do you have any idea? I dont know,how  i get correct results.


      Thanks, for reply.