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    Limit Top 10 by Expression

    James Kerrigan

      Hey guys,


      My problem is that I have a table with 4 measures and I want to limit the table to the top 10 based on the expression in the 3rd column (Increase #) while leaving that column in that place for presentation purposes.


      Right now it looks like this:



      When I limit by top 10 it limits by measure 'Before 2014/15' when I want it to limit by 'Increase #'.



      I get this to work by moving the 'Increase #' measure over to the furthest left, but I want it to stay in its column position in the above 2 pictures for presentation purposes.



      I also wanted to limit to top 10 a bar chart with the same expression that 'Increase #' has without actually having that measure in the bar chart.


      Is there any way this can be achieved?