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    Qlik Sense Server multinode deployment issue with slave node

    Andrea Gigliotti


      I have a Qlik Sense Server deployment on two nodes: one in LAN (domain) and one in DMZ (out of domain).

      On the LAN node I installed all services, while on the other node I installed Repository and Proxy services only.

      On the LAN node I create a new node using QMC.


      I see the node in DMZ but it's currently OFFLINE.


      How can I fix it?


      I just tried to delete all qlik sense certificates on both servers and did a Repair. No luck.

      I tried also to uninstall qlik sense on both servers and install again but I still have the problem with the node in DMZ.


      On the LAN node everythings works fine (HUB).


      I need to use HUB in DMZ node because it's published on Internet with a public digital certificate.


      Anyone can help me ?


      Many thanks in advance for your time.


      Best Regards